Hand & Foot Treatments

Choose from our fantastic range of OPI and Attitude Nail Varnishes

File & Varnish £11.00
File & French Varnish £13.00
Varnish Application £6.50
French Varnish Application £ 7.50
Gem application per gem £0.50

Hand Treatment

Full Luxury Manicure - a luxurious treatment using quality products leaving your hands conditioned, elegant and tidy. Includes hand exfoliation, file buff, cuticle tidy, hand mask and massage- £18.50

Full Manicure with varnish (60 minutes) - £21.50

Full Manicure with French Varnish (1 hr 15 mins) - £23.50

Nail Tidy (File buff and cuticle tidy) - £14.00

Nail Tidy and Varnish - £16.00 

Nail Extensions

Attraction nail extensions enhance and add length to your own nails. They are natural, thin and very hard wearing. Choice of white, clear, coloured or glitter tips.

Acrylic Nails - £28.00

Acrylic Overlay -  £20.00

Acrylic overlay with polish pro application  - £27.50

Acrylic overlay infill with polish pro application - £22.50

Removal of acrylic and new extension acrylics - £37.00

Removals & overlays - £20.00

Infills - £20.00

Removal of nail extensions - £16.00

Replacement of nail-  £3.00


A revolutionary light-cured formula that lasts an unbelievable 7-9 days without chipping, smudging or cracking. No tip applied. Helps to give strength to nails. Polish pro is the next generation of nail polish which can be dried in minutes under a uv lamp and can soak off in just 10 minutes.                                  £22.50          

Removal and New -  £26.00
Removal -£ £5.00

Minx Nais

Sparkly metallic film is placed over the nail. Available in a whole range of different patterns. Minx nails promise not to chip or smudge and requires no drying time. - lasts 3-4 weeks.
30 minutes £18.00

Full Luxury Pedicure

A luxurious relaxing treatment working on the whole foot leaving them soft, refreshed and conditioned. Includes footbath, file, buff, cuticle tidy, callous removal, exfoliation and foot and ankle massage. £20.50.

Other Pedicure Treatments

Foot tidy includes a file, buff, cuticle and foot file. £17.00
Full pedicure with Varnish £2
Full Pedicure with French Varnish £25.50
Foot tidy and varnish £19.00

We recommend open-toed shoes to allow varnish to dry.